10 Celebrity Artifacts Found By A Metal Detector

Metal detectors find a myriad of things ranging from mundane metal remnants to more interesting World War II guns. However, some of the more profitable finds include celebrity artifacts.

Celebrity artifacts are a big business especially in online auctioning sites such as old clothes, autographs and other personal belongings. Here are some of the most expensive celebrity auction items of 2013. Here are some celebrity artifacts that could have been detected and found by a metal detector.

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  • Gun replicas from various movies

Guns are some of the most commonly found artifacts in metal detecting. Since there are a lot of movies that use guns, a lot of replicas have similarly been made. As this is the case, a metal detector can easily find these replica guns to add to a celebrity artifact collection. Here are some of the replica guns that can be detected by metal detectors.

  • The Untouchables: Kevin Costner’s 1987 Original Prop .38 Snubnose Gun

Popularized by the movie The Untouchables, these snubnosed revolvers were typical of undercover police officers.

  • Casino: Robert De Niro’s Vintage 1911 .45 Pistol

Directed by Martin Scorsese, Casino featured actors Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. In this movie, they used this prop .45 pistol.

  • Weapons

As weapons such as knives are mostly made of metals, these are some of the more common finds as well by various metal detector enthusiasts. Here are some weapons that could have been found by metal detectors.

  • Hunting knife sword (Tony Spilotro)

Tony Spilotro was one of the feared American mobsters during the 70s and the 80s. This hunting knife features a large blade with brass knuckles for a grip.

  • Props

Here are some popular props from various Hollywood movies that could have been found at the beach. These products range from classics such as props from Bruce Lee’s movies to more recent props.

  • Victorian Style Wine Goblet

This wine goblet has been used in the production of the movie Interview with the Vampire featuring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst and Antonio Banderas. With a star-studded cast, this is indeed a great find.

  • Vintage Deco Style Tea/Coffee Service

One of the most prominent props in the movie The Godfather was the Corleone Family Silver Service.

  • Prop Cathedral Radio

Another prop easily detected by metal detectors from the movie The Godfather is this classic cathedral radio seen in the Corleone home.

  • Metal Vase

Bruce lee is one of the best actors of his generation and he has paved the way for Asian actors specializing in martial arts. This metal vase was used in his movie Enter the Dragon and is truly, especially if found by metal detectors, being completely made of full metal.

  • Presidential Silver Pewter Cups

Presidents are as well treated like celebrities and this artifact from President Reagans collection is an interesting find and are quite rare, having been produced limitedly.

  • Maltese Falcon Replica Prop

Humphrey Bogart was one of the most popular actors of his era and one of his defining films was the Maltese Falcon. Made of full metal and in full size, this prop can be easily detected by metal detectors.

  • Original Vintage Prop Silver Serving Tray

Featured prominently in the movie Titanic, this silver serving tray, made of full metal, will be easily detected by metal detectors as well.

You Don’t Have to Be Famous to Look Fabulous: Celebrity Makeup and Fashion Trends


We all love celebrities for some reason or another. They resemble a fantasy life that often seems to good to be even be real. Celebrities are on the cutting edge of beauty trends and have access to the very best hair and makeup artists. But they can also get away with extremes that we followers could never pull off in real life.

Since we don’t all make millions dollars of year for looking pretty and making appearances, makeup that is affordable and wearable in our boring my comparison lives. It’s important to realize that we cannot expect our makeup to turn out just like the celebrities. They have paid professionals day in and day out to work on them to make sure they’re basically flawless. Their stylist decides what makeup to use based on their skin type, face shape, and facial features. Since most of us do not have access to this type of personalization, it’s best to find a celebrity style you like most and see if that works for you.

So who’s your favorite celebrity? Are they trendsetting for teens and young adults like Kylie and Kendall Jenner? Or are they edgier like Rihanna? Maybe they’re sophisticated and chic like Gwyneth Paltrow or Kate Bosworth? Pick out a couple of your favorite style and trends and try them out!

If you’re feeling lost or need some help on what trends to try, here are some to help get you going!

  • Pigment-Rich eyeshadows. Celebrities like Rihanna aren’t afraid to rock colors like purple to make her hazel eyes pop. Avoid matching shadow to your eye color.
  • Boho Braids. Jennifer Aniston always makes a simple boho braid look glamorous. The trick is to keep the style simple and have it flow into the rest of your hair naturally, so hide the end of the braid with a bobby pin secured not too tightly behind your head.
  • Strong, colorful lips. Angelina Jolie was blessed with beautiful, full lips, so she usually needs to downplay her lips. However, celebs like Kylie and Kendall Jenner play up the red lip with simple eye makeup to keep it simple. Orange lipstick is sure to be a hot seller this spring.
  • Strong bangs. Bangs are meant to be a girl’s best friend as they frame the face beautifully if done right. Jennifer Lopez usually has soft, graceful bangs. A longer graduated bang is flattering and flexible, yet still makes a statement. Avoid severe, blunt bangs.
  • Sultry Smokey Eye. Putting the focus on your eyes always makes a sexy statement. Nina Dobrev, Vampire Diaries star, pairs dark, smokey eyes with a nude, shiny lip color.

These are just a few tips to help you get your celebrity inspired look going. Next time you see a look that you want to try, print out a picture and try it on yourself. Practice makes perfect. Remember, you don’t have to be on the red carpet to look your best!

Baseball Celebrities

Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers Baseball is home to a number of Super Stars who are in fact celebrities. They can be internationally recognized celebrities such as Alex Rodriguez, national celebrities such as Prince Fielder or even local celebrities such as someone like the lesser known Brett Lawrie who throughout Toronto is very popular, but the rest of North America; a nobody.

With this fame comes a responsibility to act as a role model. As a Super Star, you are looked up to by kids who want to be just like you one day. They watch you, they imitate you and the look to you to know what’s ‘cool’. Unfortunately for kids, they are often misguided by these role models because the players themselves can often forget the impact they have on the people who are watching them so closely.

Let’s first look at a Super Star who has being in the news as of late. Everybody knows who Alex Rodriguez is, perhaps better known as A-Rod. He has admitted to taking steroids in the past however denied taking them recently. Since he denied that claim, people have come out admitting that they have in fact injected steroids into A-Rod in the past 5 years essentially claiming that A-Rod is a liar and a cheater. Because of these claims, Major League Baseball has suspended Alex Rodriguez for 1-year as a message to other players that cheating is not tolerated.

What does Alex Rodriguez’s behavior do to a child’s perspective? A child who looks up to A-Rod for all the answers now has to try and understand why his favorite baseball player can’t play anymore because he in fact cheated. Obviously, the MLB made a good decision to suspend A-Rod as it sends a message to children who cheer for A-Rod that cheating has consequences. For some kids though, they now see cheating as being an ‘ok,’ thing to do as their hero did it, so why shouldn’t they?

There are Super Stars who do carry themselves properly, adhere to the rules and provide inspiration for children around the world. One player in particular is sure to be Hall of Famer, Roy Halladay. Halladay spent the majority of his career for the Toronto Blue Jays before becoming a Phillie for the last couple of years of his career in an effort to win a championship. He never did win a championship and this past year, he signed a 1-day contract with the Blue Jays to retire as a Blue Jay.

Roy Halladay dedicated his career to being the best he could be with the skills that he had. Every time he took to this hill, he sawed off so many of the best wooden baseball bats that suppliers would salivate every time he pitched. A true role-model for kids, Halladay will go down as one of the greatest pitchers and people to ever dawn a Blue Jay uniform.

Celebrities Demanding Gun Control in the USA

With recent shootings at movie theaters, schools and a variety of places once thought as “safe,” many celebrities are demanding gun control laws be passed in the USA.

Famous and Influential

Jim Carey is one of the louder speakers on this topic via Twitter with comments such as “Any1 who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth saving.” Jim Carey and many other actors have expressed concerns that box office movies tend to glorify gun violence with such movies as “Bullet to the Head” being released after the Newtown massacre.

Could the massacre have been prevented with proper gun storage in an approved safe? Interestingly enough, the star of the movie “Bullet to the Head” and other gun happy movies, Sylvester Stallone, is also on the same side of the gun control argument. Stallone believes there should be new gun control laws.

Many people have voiced concern about an actor who has made a living off of shooting various guns at people and even an explosive tipped arrow right into the bad guy causing him to…well…explode…talking about America needing gun control.

Celebrities in Violent Movies

Do we need celebrities to tell us “Don’t do what I do, it’s just a movie” or do we need actors to take a stand against the action genre glorifying guns and shooting them at people? After all, there are very strict rules against language, nudity, and sex on television, but it seems the violence, particularly gun violence, is acceptable viewing.

The Beatles Legacy

One powerful statement came from a celebrity that had her life affected by gun violence. On her 44th wedding anniversary to her husband (killed by a gunman), Yoko Ono posted a picture of her husband John Lennon’s bloody stained glasses with a message stating that more than 1,057,000 people have been killed by guns in the USA since John Lennon was killed on December 8th 1980. Yoko Ono’s stance is also shared by surviving Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr as well.

Sandy Hook Shooting

Stars such as Adam Scott of “Parks and Recreation” and singer Tony Bennett have made statements on how gun control needs to be something of great importance after the shooting at Sandy Hook.

Adam Scott said that as a father, he was terrified of this event and that if we don’t act in response to it, he asked what would happen next. Tony Bennett says that assault weapons are to go to war and have no need to be in our country.

Using the Celebrity Influence

With these words, these celebrities are hoping to make a difference in gun control in America.

I Camped Out in a Tent to Meet My Hero



It’s not every day you get to meet your hero, and let me tell you, in my case it wasn’t easy. That untouchable quality is something that we all love about celebrities and our heroes – it’s almost like they’re in another dimension that we can’t quite reach.

People say that if you meet your hero you might be disappointed, so it’s better to idolize from afar rather than ruin the grand assumptions you’ve made and attribute to this person that makes them so special to you. I don’t care about that, I know everything there is to know about my hero so he couldn’t have let me down, no matter what!

This was not something I could have done through the normal channels so I had to devise a plan. I knew very early that I was going to have to set up a tent and camp out the night in order to be in a position to ‘stumble across’ my hero. As you can already tell, I had to do things that were a bit…out of the ordinary.

I knew that when he was in town he always went for an early morning run with his team (this dude is pretty serious about staying fit) and stopped at the Starbucks down the road from me for his morning Americano. The thing is, he always varied up his running times, in case someone (erm, someone kind of like me) tried to intercept him. Not that he didn’t want to meet me, I’m sure, but he probably gets a lot of crazy fans interrupting his rhythm, and when it’s that early in the day, I can’t blame him for not wanting to start off on the wrong foot.

Anyway, I had to set up my tent on the route that I knew he took and then find a way to get to the Starbucks just before he did. I had to be far enough away to hear that he was going past, but also to get there in time. If he picked a different route, I was screwed, but I was pretty sure he wouldn’t change things up.

So there I am, wide awake at like 4AM, listening to every noise, waiting for the tell tale signs of multiple people running at once. I’m camping out like some sort of nomad in a park under a bunch of low trees so I could stay mostly out of sight, but I know that as soon as those feet start pounding the pavement I’ve got to leave it all behind and sprint to the coffee shop.

Finally at around 5:43, I hear footsteps. First just one set, but soon after another 2 or 3 joined in not far behind. I risked a look out of the unzipped window flap of my tent and caught a glimpse…just enough to know it was him. My heart was pounding as I hopped out of my tent to start my sprint to the Starbucks. I wound through alley ways and even a backyard to make sure I got there just ahead of him.

I reached the door, just as I had planned, but I was totally out of breath and covered in sweat. I had to lean over and hold myself up on my knees as I drew breath with difficulty. I knew it was coming any second but my body was not ready to go back to normal.

Just as I imagined, I was there just a few seconds before he showed up, giving me the opportunity to get the door from him and introduce myself. I saw him coming to the door, but as I tried to open it for him, ready to tell him who I was, my legs gave out and I fell over into the door. Almost immediately I was picked up a bit and put to the side (clearly by his team, not wanting me to get in his way). He looked down at me, bewildered, just for a second, but in that second I mustered a smile and said hello to him – only I’m pretty sure it sounded like a disgusting gurgle than a word, because he made a terrible face and hurried inside.

So yes, perhaps my story ends sadly on the surface, but there’s no denying that he saw me, we met, and that he will remember me for the rest of his life. I can’t wait to meet him again!

Celebrity Fitness Secrets Revealed

We always admire celebrities from their stunning physique and good-looking bodies and most of us are questioning ourselves: how did they do it? There must be some kind of secret or trick isn’t it? I’m sure there is one tip or one trick, but what could it be? We have read a lot of magazines, news articles and even online prints saying that they have revealed celebrity secrets, but most of them, we are already aware of. Maybe we lack motivation or the time or probably the budget so therefore, we cannot afford achieving the same level of fitness, but that’s not true. There are many things that we can do to attain the same physique. All we need is some motivation and knowledge.

Celebrity Fitness – We can do them too

If you carefully read magazines and other articles talking about celebrity fitness, you’d notice that there is something the same or common: they do workouts and diets, which seems to be hard to follow.

The truth is, they have their own trainers, they have their own meal plan and they do have their own chef, which maintains their diet, or sometimes they’d get diet meal plans. If they would not get things like that, how are they supposed to fit 24 hours a day on their very tight schedule? However, we don’t need to have the same thing, all we need is the information about how they do it and we can start getting that celebrity look we are always admiring.

Celebrity Fitness Tips – Straight from Celeb Trainers

One of the things they do is that they find balance. Do some yoga or similar activities, and you can see how this will improve your overall well-being. Then, build your body from the ground up – do not get workout plans or exercises that are not suitable for you. In fact, doing 50 pushups instead of 25, which is the best suite for you will only hinder your muscle gain.

Cardio workouts are also a popular routine from fit celebrities. They’d often go out and take a run or jogging session. “Taking your workouts outside every now and then is a good way to feel rejuvenated and to give your muscles a new challenge,” says Braganza, who has led Amanda Seyfried on treks through Lynn Canyon Park in Vancouver, Canada.

Most of them also take swimming sessions. “Getting in the water allows your body to move in a completely different way,” says trainer Lalo Fuentes. Emily VanCamp spends at least half of her workouts doing high intensity aquatic exercises.

Celebrity Trainers: Dolvett Quince The 3-1-2-1 Diet Book

Celebrity Trainers

It seems like ever since the biggest loser started celebrity trainers have become more and more popular. It features three very popular trainers; Dolvett Quince, Bob Harper and of course the fiery Jillian Michaels.

Out of these three, it seems undoubtly that Jillian Michaels is the most famous. She has a number of products ranging from dietary supplements, workout DVDs and cleanses. And of course, she’s featured on losing it with Jillian and The aforementioned biggest loser. Her DVD, “body revolution”, which is a 90 day three phase weight loss course uses my one of my favorite tools, resistance bands.

Personally, my favorite from the show is Dolvett Quince. He too has a number of products ranging from DVDs, book deals and TV appearances. Dolvett started his career as a personal trainer in Atlanta. He built up a private training business that eventually exploded to the point where he trains celebrities such as JoJo and the Raven’s Tight End Daniel Wilcox. That to me is the ultimate, if you’re training professional athletes who are paid to increase their overall athletic ability and are known for their incredible physiques you’re doing something right. I think they call that social proof :) .

Dolvett’s book releases today, which is why I’m writing this article. His book advertises using a method to trick your metabolism into burning calories and ultimately cutting down on weight. It’s called the 3-1-2-1 diet because of the formula he recommends. Three days of clean eating, one day of cheating, two more days of clean eating and a final day to reward yourself for the week. It comes full with easy to make recipes and it all but guarantees you’ll lose 10 pounds in 21 days. A pretty bold prediction for sure, but if anyone can make it, it’s Dolvett Quince.

Dolvett Quince 3-1-2-1

3-1-2-1 Diet: A Book By Dolvett Quince

His book is available on amazon in both electronic format and hardcover. The hardcover sells for $18 while the electronic version goes for $13. I’m excited to read Dolvett’s take on the modern diet, something which I just don’t believe in. To me rewarding yourself for eating well five days a week is somewhat silly. Healthy food can taste as good or better than unhealthy food it just requires a little more know-how and of course dedication. The hardest part about eating clean lies in the fact that you can’t eat a ton of packaged food, which in general is terrible for you. Granola bars, cookies, chips, pop or as I like to call them low quality food with minimal nutritional benefit and nearly unlimited shelf lives.

Do you believe in rewarding yourself for eating clean with bribes throughout the week?


Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Mini Brush Set and Old Hollywood Collection Travel Brush Set

Old Hollywood Styles

Bobbi Brown has come out with new wonderful products – two sets of brushes, one with mini brushes and one with travelling brushes, both of an amazing quality and which makes wonders whenever you use them. In this article we will review these two sets and we are sure that after reading about them you will want to have them so badly. After all, Christmas is coming and maybe you will be lucky enough to find a set under the Christmas tree.

Let’s start with Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Mini Brush Set – the set that Los Angeles makeup artists use to achieve the red carpet look. This one includes four brushes which are the smaller versions of Face Blender – Blush Brush, Eye Sweep Brush, Smokey Eyeliner/Angle Eye Shadow Brush (this one has double ends) and Eye Brow Brush. These are the elementary brushes that one needs to create a look similar to American celebrities (Bryce Dallas Howard or Anna Torv to name a few) walking on the red carpet. Even if the brushes are small, they are some kind of heavy just to allow you to control them better and to create a précised application. Because of its size you can carry them with you all day to refresh your make up or to change it completely. The brushes’ bristles are soft and they do not shed at all. They all come in a wallet where you have room for other cosmetics too.

The only negative aspect of this set is the price – $70!

The Old Hollywood Collection Travel Brush Set contains seven brushes: Foundation Brush, Touch Up Brush, Dual Ended Concealer/Eye Blender Brush, Blush Brush – Face Blender, Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, and Sheer Powder Face Brush.Whenever you are traveling or just hurrying up to get out of the house, this set is the one that will help you get the perfect look in less time – it contains all the brushes you need for daily makeup. They are resistant, soft and firm in the same time and they do not shed at all. This set also comes in a luxurious wallet that will impress everyone who sees it.

As for the price, this set is also a little expensive – $135 on their site, but if you browse the internet you could find better offers.

Both sets represent limited editions so you have to hurry up if you want to get one of these luxurious brushes wallets.

Super Green Juicing Celebs

Ever wondered how fads get started? The latest craze in green smoothies and green juice was made popular by Dr. Oz.  The health benefits are literally pages long, he talks about increased libido, cancer prevention, blood pressure, bone protection, digestion, weight loss and a range of other positive health impacts.

However, these things really gain momentum once celebs are seen about with their favorite green smoothie or green juice.

January Jones from Mad Men one of my personal favorite shows on tv right now, was seen slurping back a green drink. Probably how she got that rawking bod.

Green Smoothie for January Jones


Other notable celebs to be seen dawning the green include Nicole Richie, Ryan Seacrest, hip hop mogul Russel Simmons (green drinks don’t seem very hip hop), the beautiful Alicia Silverstone, Megan Fox and of course Oprah.

Detoxing with Green Smoothies has become incredibly popular. It’s an incredible way to flush out the nasty toxins you’ve been accumulating over the years. This Green Detox Smoothie is my personal favorite. I use drink it 5 times a week for 2 weeks straight once or twice a year. The cilantro, parsley and spinach help to bind to toxins to carry them out of your bloodstream. Initially you may feel worse before you feel better but once you get all those toxins out of your body and your system has been flushed I guarantee you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do this early.

Regardless of whether you juice or blend you’ll notice the difference. It’s all about getting fresh, organic produce into your body :) .